Therapeutic counselling in Wells, Somerset (and online) suitable for anxiety, depression, trauma and emotional and mental distress.

Single-session therapy is a unique, fast-track approach to rapid recovery, suitable for you if you are suffering with moderate to high levels of anxiety and/or emotional dysregulation, or if you feel that you might be near a critical turning point in your life.

You will be supported to calm your emotions, and find an inner sense of safety, so that you can think clearly and take appropriate action in your life for positive change. The methods that I may offer include Havening and the Rewind Technique, as well as solution-focused counselling and applied mindfulness. 

These techniques are proven effective in helping people who have suffered with severe trauma including refugees and veterans from conflict zones, survivors of child abuse, domestic abuse, crime and disasters. Single-session therapy is also suitable milder concerns.

I have developed these single-session therapy techniques working with people with many different kinds of personalities, cultures and ways of life and they've so far been effective for everyone. There is also a wide professional body of research emprically proving these techniques to be very effective in the fast treatment of anxiety and trauma. The therapy is always personally-tailored accoding to your needs.

I charge a premium for single-session therapy, which is an extra £20 on top of the standard rate, to cover the cost of providing advanced techniques in single-session therapy, and a small contribution to a pay-it-forwards scheme for refugees. 

Therefore the cost is £110 for 90-minutes. Sessions may be held at my office in Wells, Somerset. You can also attend online, by phone or we can meet outdoors in a safely prepared location in a natural setting. Limited concessions may be available for refugees.


How to be happier

I send purposeful communication to everyone who subscribes to help you to find meaningful ways to be free from anxiety, and live a happier life. (I do not share your email address with third parties.)