Brief Therapy

Short-term therapeutic counselling in Wells, Somerset (and online) suitable for anxiety rooted in trauma-related emotional and mental distress.

This is an individual course of 6 weekly therapy sessions with opportunities to experience gentle and effective techniques to help you to remove the fear and chaos out of unresolved trauma responses and emotional triggers, so your body and mind can heal.

You will be supported to get back into contact with your sense of Self, and reality with less panic and fear. You will also be supported to navigate your choices and relationships to a point where you feel more stable and better able to cope.

The cost for a course of brief therapy is set at the average rate for counselling per hour in the UK, plus a small premium to cover the cost of advanced brief therapy techniques (extra £10 per session). I also take off £10 from the overall price to make this as accessible as possible, just over a break-even price that covers business and personal expenses.

Sessions are 90-minutes in length, extended beyond the conventional 50-minute length, but at the same rate per hour, so you have more time to explore your issues in-depth at a relaxed and unrushed pace, and achieve deep and meaningful outcomes even in the space of brief, short-term therapy. Imagine where you could be in 6-weeks, feeling less triggered, more at ease and calm in your life, work, family and social relationships. The total cost for the course is £590.


How to be happier

I send purposeful communication to everyone who subscribes to help you to find meaningful ways to be free from anxiety, and live a happier life. (I do not share your email address with third parties.)