Space to Heal, Grow & Change

I can assist you in overcoming anxiety and mental health distress, healing trauma, understanding yourself better and finding meaning, satisfaction and enjoyment in life.

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Therapy is suitable for:

• Uplifting mood and increasing inner calm

• Self-esteem, self-worth or confidence issues

• Anger, overwhelm or challenging emotions
• Exploring sexuality, erotic relationships or gender identity
• Body-image

• Concerns around eating
• Recovering from abuse

• Pain management

• Understanding your personal patterns and traits

• Improving your thoughts, feelings and behaviours

• Existential/spiritual issues

• Life changes

• Bereavement and loss

• Death and dying

• Suffering concerned with world problems 
• Anything that you are struggling with​

Positive outcomes:

• Better communication in relationships

• Improved mindset

• Emotional and nervous self-regulation

• Assertiveness and boundaries

• Knowing your limits and strengths

• More social confidence and authentic self-expression

• Mindfulness and self-compassion skills

• Becoming the person that you feel you are meant to be

• A greater sense of fulfilling your life purpose

• Fresh creative inspiration

• A caring relationship with yourself

• Self-awareness and tools to sustain happiness and well-being​

Whatever issues you are hoping to work through, or outcomes that you are wishing to develop, listed here or not, you are welcome to get in touch to discuss.

Furthermore, during the course of my practise-based research I have developed some uniquely tailored offerings which you may wish to explore:

Mental Health Stigma Deconstruction

Counselling for Eco-Anxiety

LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapy

Mind-Body Therapy

Spiritual Counselling

Therapy for Therapists


Good Practice

I am committed to sustaining and advancing a good level of clinical practice and undergo confidential supervision for all my work. I choose to adhere to the ethical framework set by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).