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If you’d like to feel a little happier, then why not contemplate tapping into some extra possible resources in your life?

You might have your own lists of things you enjoy and are grateful for that perhaps you journal, or maybe you create images, poems or collages about. If you wish, you can pick something from the suggestions below to try connecting with. If you want to amplify the positive effects, you might consider sharing or talking about your experiences of tapping into these resources to savour with a companion or group that you trust.

Some resources that you might be able to find are:

  • People who help you to feel happy and loved

  • Places where you feel safe to relax and unwind

  • Memories of the past where you felt connected with beauty and wisdom

  • Music that soothes your nerves, calms your breathing or brings a sparkle to your spirit

  • Songs with kind lyrics and gentle melodies or anything that you like to hear yourself sing

  • Films about great deeds, legendary adventures or simple wonders

  • Recipes that tantalise your tastebuds or nourish your vulnerable, inner child

  • Arts that you love to dabble in such as dance, sewing, drawing mandalas, still life sketching or languages

  • Body practices such as massage, yoga, tai chi or lying down on a shakti mat 

  • A little of anything that gives you sensual pleasure - aromas such as ylang-ylang, vetiver or grapefruit, bright, earthy or pastel colours, pungent or zingy flavours, soft full sounds, tender touch

  • Being of service to others can feel rewarding and strengthen community 

  • Smiling and laughing, alone or with others such as family, friends or new people

  • Gazing up at the clouds, birds, moon, stars, tree canopies

  • Connecting positively with the more-than-human world, such as growing seeds, composting, cleaning up streams, keeping bees or planting trees





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