Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching in Wells, Somerset (and online).

Relationship coaching brings together traditional methods from couples counselling, cognitive psychology and systemic therapy with an awareness of gender, sex and relationship diversity, and a dedication to helping you to resolve dilemmas in an 'emotionally clean', boundaried and solution-focused way. All sessions are entirely free from judgement.

I use rapid single-session techniques to help people to resolve difficulties in their relationships. Whether it's simply better communication or a deeper reconciliation that you're seeking, these therapeutic sessions are powerful and impactful. Usually, follow up sessions are not needed, however you may choose to return for individual counselling or further couples/relationship sessions later.

My aim is to help you resolve your relationships issues effectively. This is whether you are in a monogamous couple, an open or polyamorous relationship, or if you are friends, or know each other in any other capacity. The methods that I use for relationship work, are primarily mindfulness based and can be learnt and practised at home or in your personal lives. I can offer help whether you choose to be together, or apart, or if you're feeling unsure about the future.

Relationship Coaching sessions based at my Wells office (or online via Whereby) may last 2 or 3 hours. More information is available on the next page.

Kesley Cage love + relationship coach

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