Personal Development

Therapy isn't only to treat mental illness, it's also helpful to nourish healthy processes of inner evolution and personal growth, amidst ongoing life changes.

Therapeutic accompaniment through experiences of personal change and transitions, such as strengthening relationships, new beginnings, becoming unstuck or aspiring towards your personal goals - can help you to explore your innermost thoughts and feelings, gain a new perspective, and feel safe and supported as you encounter your terrain for self-guided healing.

Personal development is "inner work" and a self-led daily commitment and dedication to becoming the kind of person you'd like to be in your life. Therapy can offer you extra support and depth insight as you guide your own journey of self exploration and improving your relationships.

Usually people who choose to engage in personal development work, are already at a high level of self-awareness, feel they have a baseline of wellbeing on the whole, and are looking for a therapist to act as a coach, consultant and mentor to guide and assist the inner evolution and transformation that is already in process. You will know if this is for you because you will be feeling somewhat grounded in your sense of self, expansive in your hopes and dreams, and creative in solving your own problems. You may feel that you would benefit from the greater depth, systemic thinking and empathic holding that therapy can give you.

If you choose to be assisted in your personal process by me, then our work together may be long-term ongoing, or shorter term as desired, and at a frequency to suit you (most clients book a weekly or fortnightly slot). I work in an integral pluralistic way which means that together we'll create a therapeutic plan to suit you that draws on my extensive training in Humanistic therapies (such as Person-centred, Gestalt and Transpersonal) and Psychodynamic approaches (Jungian oriented/Analytical Psychology) and/or Creative Arts, combined with your own personal expertise.

Short (50-minutes) and longer (90-minutes) sessions may be available. I typically offer sessions in a safe and neutral space in the woods of Wells (Somerset) which bring extra therapeutic value to the sessions, or indoors if you have accessibility needs/in case of exteme weather. 

If you're interested, then please contact me to arrange an initial appointment.