Kesley Cage

As a practitioner with over 10-years  of research and experience in holistic therapies and psychosocial support, I've worked in clinics with the general public and volunteered in services for specific communities and humanitarian aid. I've given international talks, met with the UN, held permaculture people-care workshops and presented my emerging and evolving approach in a variety of settings to clients, therapists, psychologists, doctors, healers, activists, politicians and the general public. What my research has shown is that helping people to recover from anxious living requires a deep respect for human sensitivities and feelings and is based in strengthening communication and trust to support natural changes. The solutions to anxiety are held within the very thoughts and behaviours that created the condition, and they are just waiting to be found, by looking deeply with compassionate, non-oppressive attention.

I've learnt that healing anxiety through therapy is only possible in very close, intimate and confidential exchanges of information that occur in a deeply trusting relationship. This means it takes a sensitive, heartful human being to receive your deepest trust and empower you with the space, encouragement and valuing that you require to transform the roots of anxiety in yourself. This is someone who can support you to feel safe enough to explore your feelings, empathise with you and help you to understand your human needs so that you can develop compassionate solutions based on the resources available to you. Perhaps, you may allow me to be that person to accompany you, to help you look within yourself.

I know from meeting my clients as well as from surviving dreadful anxiety myself, just how debilitating and disempowering it is to live with the stress of unhealed anxiety. I am aware of the anguish, depression and self-esteem issues and the downward spirals that this may entail in all aspects of life. However, I also have seen time and again that it is certainly possible to reduce anxiety considerably and live a good life.

My service is a heartfelt offering to assist you to fully open up your heart/mind and take a good look at how your thoughts and emotions are unfolding, so you can gain some awareness and insights. The way to cure your specific form of anxiety, is within you, and I'll help you find that within yourself. I work to notice the subtle cues in your language and the hidden meaning in your words and expressions, to help to discover what you've hidden from yourself and the world, so you can find the inner strengths and identify the needs that before now went unnoticed. 

Furthermore, I support you to enjoy time outdoors in nature, which has a calming and grounding effect for the anxious mind. Nature connection also enhances your sense of belonging to nature, to life, and to the world. Aware that many people's anxiety is also complicated by living in an age of disconnection from nature, I believe that nature-based therapy is a valuable way to contribute to a meaningful experience of healing - improving your relationship with yourself, whilst also more deeply with the wonders of life and nature.

My private therapy practice is registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (accredited by the Professional Standards Authority). I work safely within a professional ethical framework for counsellors. Practice-based research underpins all of my work. My holistic (body-oriented, psycho-spiritual) approach integrates evidence-based modalities in a client-centred way. This means I can offer you a personal therapy plan that suits you, informed by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Humanistic/Transpersonal Psychology, Life Coaching, Massage Therapy, Psychodynamic Counselling and/or Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness.

Most of all, I value the importance of how well you and I connect and how safe you feel to trust me and the techniques and insights that I offer. This may be a step-by-step process and we'll go at your pace. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, I welcome challenges - you can ask me "what was that look on your face?" or you can say if something I share with you doesn't feel right, and we can adjust how we work, making use of the wide variety of options I have available for you. Our therapeutic relationship may become the container that is crucial to transforming your anxiety. If you choose to connect with me, I don't know whether I will be able to help you, as it depends on mutual trust, so let's do our best together, if you wish.


"Kesley is a wonderful healer and coach! Those who have the pleasure of partnering with him on their journey of healing and transformation are in for a nourishing and impactful experience."

"I know it sounds cliche, as I've read this term many times before, but I cannot think of any other way of saying it: Kesley is true 'Soul midwife' - he embodies this - he helps people with the pain and labour of birthing their Souls, their true selves, into the world"

"You are a natural teacher" 

"Your ability to attune to my inner process is a gift, which is rare and golden." 

"...sensitive and philosophical at great depths." 

"You are a talented therapist"

"your gentle challenges have helped me to learn about my growing edges and make changes when I needed to"