How I Work

Therapeutic Consultancy, Education, Facilitation, Counselling, Relationship Coaching and Emotional Wellbeing Group Support in Wells Somerset, UK

I work with individuals, and people in relationships, groups and organisations including business, charities, schools and colleges. My attitude is therapeutic, professional and community-oriented. I listen deeply to everyone who I work with so I can empower you to develop your own insights in a therapeutic relationship to which I bring my real self and ongoing practice-based research in humanistic transpersonal psychology within a safe ethical framework.

I value sincere compassion for my clients and students. I uplift personal power and autonomy so you can identify and meet your needs and fulfil your potential. I do this primarily by offering the person-centred core conditions for personal growth. This means that if you are my client, I will work to create a safe, ethical, personally-attuned relationship in which you can explore and discuss your goals and issues, free from judgement, and where you can develop your self awareness enough to know the right choices, actions and direction that you want to pursue. 

Any time that we meet, I will hold unconditional positive regard for you as a whole person whilst remaining honest to our relationship in all its dimensions. I integrate effective psychological approaches (notably, mindfulness which has proven effective applications for anxiety) into our relationship encounters with careful wholehearted efforts, so that you can achieve meaningful success from our time together, according to your desired positive outcomes.

I invite you to contact me if you or your group or organisation desires assistance with personal or community development, communication and relationship skills, and/or emotional and mental wellbeing. If you are my client, I will support you to live a happier life and become a more fully-functioning person i.e. transforming all that longer serves you to become more authentically 'you'.

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