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Initial Consultation

Your First Session


Making Contact

If you'd like a pre-consultation chat, you're very welcome to connect with me or message to request a call-back via my business mobile: 07309 734097. 

Many people are eager to book a consultation right away to get the help they need. This initial therapeutic session lasts 50 minutes and is the first opportunity that we may have to sit together and get to know one another, online or in person. During this time, as in every session, you're welcome to lead the conversation so that we can explore what you would like to get out of therapy. I can help you to clarify your issues and support you to set and work towards goals using the resources that you have available.

Many clients who have received therapeutic services before are familiar with assessment type procedures at the start of working together. I prefer to work naturally and organically so that you can take up as much space as you need in the very first session. I appreciate that you may want to talk about what is most pressing for you. I may offer you the opportunity to go through an emotional needs audit, which involves a questionnaire. In this way, we can work towards goals and identify measurable outcomes, which is helpful to review our work if the therapy continues.

Suppose you're happy with the outcome of the initial consultation. In that case, we will professionally contract to ensure that we hold the work ethically and responsibly together. The signed contract will confirm our contact methods, confidentiality, complaints procedures, and payment. 

To book your first session, you can use the link below. Just let me know your availability, and I will do my best to offer you a slot then. However, you may need to arrange time out of your work/life commitments to prioritise and attend therapy. You can pay for your session based on a sliding scale (see rates).