Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently are sessions?

Appointments are usually made at a frequency to suit you. Most people find one session a week helpful. This is something we can discuss.

How long will therapy last?

There are no fixed amount of sessions recommended for therapy,  and you can leave at any time. Typically, it will take more than 1 or 2 sessions to make headway on an issue. Some individuals find that a few sessions are sufficient, and others choose to make use of therapy for more than 20 sessions (long-term).

How can I pay?

There is a sliding fee scale. I ask you to decide if your income compares as low, average or high compared to other people's income in the local area and pay accordingly on the scale. 

Payment is accepted by balance transfer two days before each appointment.

What if I can't afford your full rate?

I reserve limited supported and concessionary slots for people with proven financial hardship. Even when these aren't available, I've been able to offer support and resources or make suitable referrals where needed, so we can usually come to some arrangement.