Couples & Relationships


Effective Relationship Coaching in Wells, Somerset, UK (and online)

I keep my fees as low as possible so that professional help can be accessible and affordable to many people. My practice is primarily face-to-face. You will be expected to make a joint payment from a single account to secure your appointment.

Relationship Coaching

For more than one person. Bring a partner, family member, or someone with you, with whom you would like to improve your communication and relationship. This is a single session of therapeutic coaching lasting two hours. You will be supported to focus on a particular issue that you both would like to resolve, held within a safe and respectful therapeutic container. The cost for a single, intensive 120-minute session is £150 (only £75 each for the entire 2-hous) and this includes counselling and professionally advanced relationship coaching consultation.

Mediation (Repairs or Endings)

My role will be to mediate conflict or difficult and stressful processes for you and your partner(s), colleagues, or family members. This service can also support legal proceedings. Especially useful when you want to reach a rapid, amicable and mutually beneficial outcome, either to repair your relationship or to work toward a safe and complete ending. The cost for a single, intensive session of 180 minutes of therapeutic mediation is £240, and this includes coaching in communication and specialised skills in conflict transformation.

Follow Up Sessions

Follow up sessions are entirely optional. You may book another package, or standard session as soon as you wish. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or would like to arrange a free chat to get to know each other.