About Kesley Cage

I go by 'Kesley' or just, 'Kes'


I found the world of therapy through my struggles with mental health. Motivated to share the skills and knowledge I gained from my personal journey of healing, I started therapeutic training in 2012 to learn more and help others.

I began as a holistic therapist practising complementary medicine and providing relaxation treatments to patients suffering from mental and physical health issues. With many more years of continuing professional development, I eventually received the qualifications necessary to practise as a coach and counsellor. I found a love of working with clients through talking and empowering them to make beneficial life changes. 

I developed an integrative therapy model based on psychological coaching and counselling methods. I have developed clinical experience with diverse individuals exploring unique experiences and issues such as anxiety, mild and severe traumas, depression, sex/relationship and questions of identity, community and belonging. 

With the support of my colleagues, mentors, and peers, and professional, ethical body, I moved from agency work into private practice. I now support clients experiencing life, identity, mental health, and relationship issues, with many benefiting from my specialist expertise in trauma, which I developed through work in specialist placements.

One of my deepest values is humility-based learning. I am here to learn about you so that I can help you. I am not here to administrate irrelevant theories or tell you what to do to improve your well-being without fully understanding your context. My approach is to respect you, listen to you, and dialogue to develop collaborative insights. I may offer tools and suggestions that could be of use to you; however, I will support you to decide ultimately on the course of your therapy.

My private practice is confidential, clinically supervised and adheres to the professional ethics of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.


What I do

I'm a qualified and experienced therapist utilising applied psychology, philosophy and biology research in my practice.

It's my job to listen in such a way that I am able to support you to connect to all your thoughts and feelings with greater ease. Often that means inviting you to talk openly about your suffering and being a reassuring enough presence so that you're able to unravel and untangle complex problems by yourself, with a little therapeutic assistance where needed.

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Who I work with

My clients are multicultural and gender, sex and relationship diverse. Some of my clients have received clinical diagnoses with mental health conditions. I love working with people who are committed to implementing the healing progress that they make in therapy sessions into their everyday lives. It makes me proud.


Transpersonal Coaching and Therapy Network

I contribute to the ongoing development of transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies through practice-based research.

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