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Life Beyond Anxiety

Counselling & Coaching

Online, in-person and outdoor therapy sessions based in Wells, Somerset.


Affirming your identity and strengths.
Helping you to break free from limitations.
Creating space for healing and growth.


Kesley is warm, gentle and thoughtful. His calm demeanour can help you through what's blocking you from achieving your goals. I definitely recommend working with him! :)

Kesley is a wonderful healer and coach! Those who have the pleasure of partnering with him on their journey of healing and transformation are in for a nourishing and impactful experience.


Hi, I'm Kesley

I'm an integrative therapist in Wells, Somerset, with professional and personal experience in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, and my research specialism is in trauma. I work with adults and young people (ages 12 to 92+) seeking counselling and coaching. Goals that I can help you with include:

- Becoming calmer and less worried in response to fear and stress

- Breaking free from addictions and compulsions  

- Creating stronger relationships

- Encountering grief and loss

- Exploring matters of identity and belonging

- Improving self-esteem and self-worth

- Overcoming trauma

Perhaps, like many people, you require some outside help besides friends and family so that you can explore your issues in greater depth. As an experienced therapist, I use my skills and understanding to accompany and empower you through ongoing change, healing, and transformation.

I want everyone to know that suffering with anxiety and mental health distress does not signal weakness or a flawed character. Mental suffering is a natural outcome of not being able to attune to our human needs, for various reasons. I will help you to understand yourself as a work in progress, so you can explore the roots of your suffering and attend to your needs so you can find immediate relief.

I offer you the space to explore and the tools you may need to live well. I counsel and coach my clients with an approach informed by practise-based research in psychology and philosophy and insights from biology. You can improve your mental health and happiness, and surpass your goals more rapidly through therapy than possible alone or with less focused, informed support.

If you realise that you could do with some help, I urge you to please get in touch.


Facilitating Transformation

Therapy involves accepting yourself exactly the way that you are before any real change can occur.


Stage 1. Overwhelmed and in denial

Many people have been hurt by others and feel that there is little freedom to be themselves without criticism, isolation or rejection. This results in conforming to others' expectations, competing in order to receive approval or even fighting hard to resist a mould. Feeling not good enough, upset and disappointed in yourself and others may be a daily reoccurrence, and perhaps you think that this is all life can be. Healing begins with understanding the roots of your suffering and identifying the gifts, strengths and resources that will help you tap into your ability to free yourself.

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Stage 2. Compensating for hidden truth

Unfortunately, knowing one's strengths isn't enough to entirely alleviate suffering, as the human condition contains the inherent possibility for conflict between emotional instincts and thought-based intellect. Perfectionism, addictions, and compulsions often stem from covering up emotional vulnerabilities and coping in harsh situations. It may be the last thing that you want to do; however, baring your soul and admitting the parts of you that need support is required to break free from self-defeating thoughts and habit cycles. Then, you can consciously move in the direction of your emotional needs and truly thrive.


Stage 3. Authenticity

When you're authentic, you accept yourself, life is fun and meaningful, and you feel happy with who you are. You have consciously tuned into yourself and can experience your innate humanity and life with a good sense of belonging, ease and well-being. You are living mostly contentedly, and whilst you may have wobbles from time to time, you are creative and resilient in overcoming challenges. You are empowered in resolving inner conflicts, and sometimes a little extra support is what you need to help you orient toward being the happiest and healthiest that you can be.


How to get started

I provide therapy consultations to individuals interested in living life with less worry and more joy!