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Therapeutic counselling, relationship coaching, mindfulness and group support in Wells, Somerset, UK, and international online therapy. Registered private practice adhering to the ethical framework of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy accredited by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care.

"I was able to speak my mind and you supported me to find my own answers to my problems and feel proud of myself" 

"My emotions were in chaos, and you helped me to get back on track. Other people didn't know how to help, but you understood me"

"Counselling has helped me to come along way and I am less anxious than I was before. I am much more empowered and my career and relationships have improved"

Hello, my name is Kesley Cage (DipCouns, DipCoach, reg.MBACP). I am an experienced consultant, educator and facilitator, actively practising and researching in therapeutic counselling and coaching.

I offer my clients opportunities for some very transformative and intensive work on alleviating their suffering from personal difficulties and stressful life challenges. I practise outdoors in the beautiful and wild landscapes 5-minutes from Wells city centre. "Walk and talk" sessions and sitting outdoors have the added therapeutic benefits of nature connection. I also work from a private and disabled-accessible room in Wells, Somerset, and online. My passion is to help people to take care of their anxiety and live more happily with greater overall wellbeing. 

I share the latest research and evidence-based techniques from my clinical practice to help my clients to recover from diagnosed and undiagnosed anxiety, depression and mental and emotional distress related to adverse life experiences. You don't need a label to receive appopriate care and support from me. With a process-orientated attitude, I focus on helping you to reflect and develop how you relate to thoughts and feelings, and the people in your life. As human beings, we are all "works in progress" and we can each change and learn from our experiences - and evolve - with the right conditions, no matter what has happened to us.

I have limited availability and only work with people and organisations who I believe I can be of most help to. You must be committed to doing the "inner work" in your day-to-day life. This involves a high level of self-respect and training yourself to stop anxious habits, and being willing to live according to your sense of what is a 'good life' for you. Being in therapy is a journey where each step is a possibility to build a solid foundation of happiness in your life.

​I have gathered over a decadesworth of insight and study into the complex processes that occur beneath the surface symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety is a bit like a mental knot of tangled issues, and without the right kind of help, you may feel trapped and alone. I understand many of the fears and worries that anxiety may keep you stuck in and I am here to support you to untangle the knots as soon as possible, so you can be free.​

Whether anxiety or otherwise, all forms of mental distress are related to unresolved needs. Having unresolved needs may cause unhealthy patterns as ways of coping, such as addictions, over-thinking, and limiting beliefs, and may even cause career and relationship problems and insecurities. Anxious stress and worries could be making you feel powerless, low in mood, out-of-control or unable to think clearly. The first, most crucial step to recovery is to still your churning mind.

I support my clients to relax and focus until they can find their own ways of talking about what's going on for them mentally and emotionally with enough clarity and repose to find inner resources and solutions to their problems. I also offer effective interventions that can help to empower the process of healing from anxiety. 

I am delighted to celebrate that I have an excellent success rate. Many of my clients have been outstanding sucesses in commiting themselves to recovery from overwhelming anxiety and trauma-related conditions, including social anxiety, depression, grief, and relationship problems. Time and again, I witness the strength of the human spirit, and how we each have an unconquerable soul and that with faith in ourselves, we can create miracles.


How to be Happier

I send purposeful communication to everyone who subscribes to help you to find meaningful ways to be free from anxiety, and live a happier life. (I do not share your email address with third parties.)